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Make Cheaper International Calls to Any Mobile or Landline Phone from Android or iPhone


Are you worried about your relatives who are living abroad? Is it hard for you to communicate with them and know how they are? If yes, then there is a really good news for you. You can make cheaper international calls to any mobile or landline number from your Android phone or Iphone.

The latest technology has made communication easier. But to find out what really made it simpler you need to know something. After the invention of smart phones, different calling apps were launched. These apps allow you to make calls for free. Which means now you can connect with your loved ones in very low rates.  

There are hundreds of new apps launching every now and then. Software and technology is developing rapidly bringing new and innovative change in the world. With such rapid advancement in the technology it has now become hard to choose which app to use, as there are hundreds of them. But lately, the application which has satisfied the customers to the fullest is Yolla. It is a finest Calling Android App.

Why use Yolla App ?

Yolla is an app specifically designed to make free international calls anytime you want. This Yolla application is quite different from other apps as it provides unlimited other features. Some reasons why Yolla should be your first preference are:

Rates and Prices:

Calling internationally is has always been really expensive. Because of this people often didn’t get in touch with their relatives living abroad. But there is a solution to everything. To make international calls in low rates Yolla is the application which is preferred by everyone. Don’t believe it? Then compare the rates and find it out yourself. We provide low rates call to over 30,000 international call destinations which means you can connect with your friends and family anytime you want. Now you can talk for a longer time and pay less.

No Roaming Fees:

Second reason why Yolla should be on top of your list is that you can extra avoid all roaming fees. Simply connect your phone with the nearest Wi-Fi connection and make prevent the carrier’s roaming fees. Unlike most of the apps, Yolla provides several advantages to make international calls easily.


Use Your Personal Number to Contact Your Friends:

Yolla offers a special feature by which you can connect with your friends living abroad with your own personal phone number. Now you don’t have to register yourself and make several ID’s before connecting with your friends. All you have to do is add your number in the form and that’s it. All the calls you make will go through your number, which means your friends can easily recognize when you are calling.

You’ll Know Your Limitations:

Another important feature which is offered by Yolla only is that we show you the price of the call prior to connecting the call. If you think the rates are too high you can simply cancel the call. We make sure that our customers have no complaints which is why we give all the detailed information of the call before you make the call. Unlike other apps we have no hidden charges connection fees. Now, feel free to connect with your peers and family anytime you want.

Earn Free Credits:

We also provide free credits to our users. In order to get free credits, all you have to do is invite your friends and family and encourage them to use Yolla. The free credit can be used to call any landline or mobile number without any extra charge.

The Most Trustworthy Application:

Yolla is used by millions of people. The main reason why this application is so widely used is that it is one of the most trustworthy apps. We strive hard to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.


Yolla is one the most user-friendly apps which can be downloaded on an Android phone as well as on an Iphone. It is compatible with every kind of software which make it easy for the users to download and use.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to stay in constant touch with your friends and family download and start using Yolla now.


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