How to Play Pokemon Using GPS Spoofing?

How to Play Pokemon GO Using GPS Spoofing?

by Shafeeq tson July 23, 2016
It’s been less than a month since Pokemon Go has been released and we already find people strolling down the streets either individually or in groups. Irrespective of age, there are all kinds of individuals wandering wide-eyed, gazing at the mobile screens and often screaming with ecstasy. Yes! This is what Pokemon Go has done. […]

Whip Zombies Game: Now whip the walking dead to real death [ Review ]

Whip Zombies Game: Now whip the walking dead to real death [ Review ]

by Shafeeq tson July 5, 2015
We all have seen those movies where the living turns into a zombies, the zombie apocalypse, and people running to save themselves, infected running to kill others. And then the one comes all handy with strategy to kill these walking dead zombies and become a hero saving lives of millions. Somewhere there we feel ourselves […]

Xbox One: sold more than one million sets in a day [ Review ]

by Shafeeq tson November 28, 2013
Microsoft has recently released the new Xbox One into the market which supports gestures as well as voice commands that the gamers can give to the console. The new Xbox One hit the stores on Friday and has already sold more than one million sets in a day. Here we are going to tell you […]

Sell Your Old Video Games Online

by Shafeeq tson November 11, 2013
Are you tired of having to keep your old video games in neat stacks in your room? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore since you can actually get rid of them and get paid doing it too. The World Wide Web is an open market for absolutely anything so you can sell your trash […]

How to Choose Shutter Speed [ Infographic ]

by Shafeeq tson November 8, 2013
Here is an interesting infographic I recently found and thought that it might be useful for our photo-addicted readers. No matter what you would like to capture, slow moving or fast moving object, this shutter speed tips will definitely help you. Source:

Are you a raging gamer? [Infographics]

by Shafeeq tson November 5, 2013
Do you rage when gaming? Whether you play First Person Shooters or Sports games – everyone that’s picked up a controller is familiar with the rage associated with it. But what type are you, what really makes you rage? This infographic, developed by Virgin Media cover some of the most common causes.

Top 10 Xbox 360 Games of All Time

by Shafeeq tson September 15, 2013
The hardcore game lovers always feel special attractions for the games on the Xbox 360 after its arrival in the late 2005. At first, the Xbox 360 wasn’t that popular, but then it started to dominate the minds of millions of game lovers. Here is a list of top 10 Xbox 360 games of all […]

Top 10 Zelda Games in History

by Shafeeq tson August 19, 2013
The Legend of Zelda is one of the most popular video games of the world. It is regarded as the best video game series in the history of video games. It is very hard to pick the best Zelda games among them as all the legends of Zelda games are truly awesome. Still, here is a […]

Are Smartphones the Future of Portable Games Consoles?

by Shafeeq tson July 6, 2013
The portable games console market used to be dominated by names like Sega, Nintendo and Sony. However, even though Nintendo and Sony still have their own portable consoles on the market (the Nintendo DS and the Playstation Vita respectively), there is a big change occurring in the world of portable consoles. Since the arrival of […]

Get Details of Wide Variety of Xbox 360 Consoles

by Shafeeq tson May 17, 2013
There are many people who don’t have any idea that Microsoft offers a wide variety of Xbox 360 consoles. Therefore, I decided to provide a quick list of different varieties of this exciting gaming console to them. So, it’s time to continue reading and to check what are being offered by Microsoft to its customers. […]