Google Map Maker reopening in early August

Google Map Maker Reopening in Early August

by Shafeeq tson July 14, 2015
The reopening of Map Maker by the Google. It will be done to provide better influence to the users of this site in the different parts of the world. It clearly indicates that the moderation form for editing Map Maker is available for community. Google operators are busy with moderation work in the Map Maker […]

Best Ever YouTube Proposals

by Shafeeq tson November 12, 2013
The rise of YouTube has allowed us to share in other people’s lives, and among the cat videos and tweaking you’ll find some courageous gents popping the question. Elaborate, cute and/or funny marriage proposals are ever-popular viewing, and some men really know how to make a scene! If you’ve been waiting for a romantic gesture […]

High End Device Comparison: Acer Chromebook C720 and iPad Air

by Shafeeq tson October 29, 2013
The perfect Chromebook has long been a fantasy. All Search engines needed to do was release a design with excellent battery power and speedy performance for a cost that well undercuts a typical Ms Windows. The gorgeous Chromebook Pixel carries tremendous display, excellent construction, and snappy performance, but its poor quality battery power and stratospheric […]

Google Web Designer : Excellent Tool For Every Level 1 Designers [ Review ]

by Shafeeq tson October 5, 2013
Recently Google released a new design tool for Windows and Mac users, Web Designer which is still in its beta version. This new Google application is capable of designing wonderful HTML5 pages as well as creating and adding animations. The application is also capable of designing banners and integrating with Google advertisements. There is a […]

Google Analytic APIs for Large Companies launched

by Shafeeq tson October 4, 2013
A lot of large organizations possess exclusive requirements, with lots of websites and a lot of customers. Previously, configuring Google Analytic when dealing with these organizations was bit of a tedious and needed a lot of clicks. Google expressed their happiness in introducing a whole new set of APIs which is going to make it a lot easier for large organizations to manage numerous websites. These APIs are going to streamline the Google Analytic setup procedure, permitting IT teams to programmatic-ally handle as well as configure Google Analytic; as a result teams may...

3 Day Google I/O 2013 Roundup

by Shafeeq tson May 18, 2013
Anything having to do with a tech giant like Google is going to make news, and recently they (Google) had a conference to showcase and highlight some of the new things they are rolling out. This is an exciting time for anyone who is a follower of Google and a proponent for new technology in […]

You Can Now Get $1000 Credit for Google App Engine – Apply Before 30 April Right Now!

by Shafeeq tson April 12, 2013
Android has been dominating the whole smartphone market ever since its release in 2008. At first, it was Apple’s iPhone which was on everyone’s mouth whenever someone took into consideration the smartphone giant. Although, I agree that Apple was the trend setter for touch screen smartphones and Google kind of followed their trend – but […]

Google Cloud Connect Farewell Tune, Which Alternative to Choose?

by Shafeeq tson March 20, 2013
Add caption It’s not been so long since Google has entered the arena of cloud computing. But however, they have come, seen, and conquered. The world has become mostly dependent on cloud computing these days, especially those who require the same files to be available in more than one space. Microsoft, as a giant has […]

Steam On Android Reviewed

by Shafeeq tson April 13, 2012
The Steam application for Android is essentially a companion app. Steam is a gaming portal, and it allows players to access many of the features of this gaming network, but with Steam users cannot actually play any games. This lack of actual gaming is probably one of the more confusing and frustrating things about this […]

Awesome Technology: Google Come With Android Based HUD Glasses

by Shafeeq tson February 7, 2012
Google HUD glass Google come with Android based HUD[Head Up Display], it’s really amazing concept.This HUD(Head Up Display) developed in a one lens.Google HUD glass integrate many features as flash drive for listening music, internal storage 8GB to 16GB, capable for voice input and output, front facing camera, WiFi, low power Bluetooth 4.0,and also use […]