Paid Versus Free VPN Services

Paid Versus Free VPN Services

by Shafeeq tson February 27, 2017
First and foremost, what does VPN stand for? And what does it actually mean? A VPN is a “Virtual Private Network”, and they are mostly used by businesses and large corporations alike, when they want to add an additional layer of security to their overall network. Most companies today hold extremely sensitive customer and client […]

Free and Paid VPN Services: Pros and Cons

Free and Paid VPN Services: Pros and Cons

by Shafeeq tson December 7, 2016
Difference between paid and free VPN services: VPN provider should be most trusted party as it has access to your internet activity as well as to confidential data. It is important to choose wisely and read customer reviews before making final decision. Without any questions paid services have higher level of protection and many other […]

Importance of Planning for Your Reseller Hosting Business

The Importance of Planning for Your New Reseller Hosting Business

by Shafeeq tson December 18, 2014
Whether you’re still toying around with the idea of starting your web hosting reseller business, or whether you’re ready to take that big leap into buying your first package, there’s plenty to think about before you start.   How much is it going to cost you? Do you have the budget to make this a […]

Why You Should choose iPage for Your Business Website ?

by Shafeeq tson November 8, 2013
Do you want to run your own website? Or perhaps, looking to start a new blog to advertise your products? Well, you have to buy a domain for your website from any hosting company if you want to create your own blogging or business website. Now, the most important question is which hosting site you […]

Free Web hosting – Important Reasons it should be avoided

by Shafeeq tson August 28, 2013
Internet today is becoming an important part of every man’s life. It is through the internet that he communicates, shops, and plays and does a lot more which earlier required people to put in their efforts and time. Most of the teens today are trying to establish themselves on the internet today. The internet has […]

How to Build Your Own Electronic Cigarette

by Shafeeq tson July 2, 2013
Electronic cigarettes have become the latest trend for smokers in the past few years since they were first released.  The great variety of devices, flavors and accessories had made green smoking a unique and fascinating experience for most vapers. We have atomizers, cartomizers and clearomizers which offer a unique taste and feel to the personal […]

How to Save Money from Domain/Hosting Service Providers

by Shafeeq tson March 3, 2013
Save Money from Domain/Hosting Service Providers As per the information  more than 500 million people have access to internet worldwide, and this is the reason why you should have a good website for your business. Now it is not too costly to host a web site and maintain it, as you can find a lot of […]