27 Important And Unknown Tips For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

27 Important And Unknown Tips For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

by Shafeeq tson September 14, 2017
Most important and unknown features by most of users of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users. And along with step by step detailed guide. check below list:   SMART SWITCH File transfer from old phone To use Smart Switch: From a Home screen, swipe up to access Apps, and then tap Settings > Cloud and accounts […]

How to Unlock Country Code in Your Smartphone?

How to Unlock Country Code in Your Smartphone?

by Shafeeq tson August 27, 2015
To avoid grey market imports, many phone companies features a region lock in their smartphones in Middle East. It’s not exactly a normal phone lock, in case you’re wondering. It is called Country Lock, Smartphone manufacturer ties up with the telecom companies and when you open your phone box, you’re only allowed it to use […]

Tips for Samsung Galaxy S6 & Edge Users

15 Master Tips for Samsung Galaxy S6 & Edge Users

by Shafeeq tson April 24, 2015
There is no doubt in the fact that Samsung Galaxy S6 is perhaps the best device Korean Smartphone Giant, Samsung, did  take an effort to launch, leaving aside those bloatware-stuffed Android Smartphones that impressed neither the critics nor normal users. When we consider specifications of this device, it will blow almost everyone’s mind unless it […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Compete in Every Aspect With High End Device Makers

Samsung Galaxy S6 Compete in Every Aspect With High End Device Makers

by Shafeeq tson March 5, 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 is undoubtedly the best thing that has happened to mobility in the last decade. It was expected to put up an incredible fight with all the other high end models currently available on the market, but no one expected it to blow them away with its precision design, next generation technology and […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE A vs. LG G3

Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE vs. LG G3

by Shafeeq tson June 24, 2014
Samsung released their much awaited Galaxy S5 in the last month and it’s rolling over to consumer hands all over the world. Much of our surprise, the Korean tech giant has released another version of the Galaxy S5 with better performance criteria. But, it only made its entrance in Korea.

14 Master Tips for Samsung Galaxy S5 Users

by Shafeeq tson April 27, 2014
Now, please do not tell us you do not know about Samsung Galaxy S5, current flagship device of Korean Smartphone manufacturer. This device has managed to grab enough media attention due to several features including fingerprint scanner, water-resistant body, heartbeat monitor, 4K video recording, Android KitKat with new version of TouchWiz, customized UI layer of […]

Differences & Similarities of Samsung Galaxy Note Pro & Tab Pro

by Shafeeq tson January 14, 2014
With some bunch of new tablets showcased in CES 2014 held in Vegas, it looks like Samsung is trying to grasp on the tablet market without keeping every size of tablet available for the consumer sector. Samsung released three new tablets in their tablet platform which have exceeded the record of largest tablet in the […]

Samsung Galaxy S4: full features roundup [Review]

by Shafeeq tson March 13, 2013
With the Galaxy S4 about to be announced in a few hours at Times Square, we give you the final rumor roundup from all the different areas. Let us see how many of these mockups, leaks, rumors and source interviews are actually true. Design: The Galaxy S4 is expected to be a 4.99-inch smartphone, slightly […]

iPhone 5 Vs Galaxy Note 2: Specification Comparisons[Review]

by Shafeeq tson October 3, 2012
We are reviewed specifications of Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Best smart phone lastly come out in this year. So that’s why, write these smart phone specification comparisons below. We found that NFC (Near Field Communication) connection in Galaxy Note 2. Use NFC to share information between your device and another NFC […]

Some Useful Tips For Samsung S3 New Users

by Shafeeq tson October 1, 2012
Here we provide some useful tips for s3 users. These tips help you as friendly using your Samsung S3 smart phone and many peoples not bothered about his smart phone full features. Enjoy by these tips. 1. Set reject massages: You can set massage for rejected caller party and this massage will deliver automatic to […]