Just Wait For Galaxy S4 Nexus Version

by Shafeeq tson May 18, 2013
This year’s Google I/O conference unveiled the Nexus version of the popular Samsung Galaxy 4. This version of the phone will run a vanilla Android OS (Jelly Bean) and will cost 650 USD. So why pay a higher price for essentially the same phone (Galaxy S4)? This article will explain why you might want to […]

7 Features of Samsung Galaxy S4 to Beat iPhone5

by Shafeeq tson March 17, 2013
SGS4 The launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 has created a stir in the market since its inception. The official launch of this fourth generation Galaxy smartphone is full of surprises, right from the make to features; but Samsung has still managed to hide some of the amazing features beneath to give the last minute shock […]