Social Media

Origin of the #Hashtag in Social Media

by Shafeeq tson September 28, 2015
It’s not been so long since hashtags have become an integral platform for conducting online discussions and talks, on a global level. First popularized through Twitter and its trendy stuff, Hashtags concept was adopted by popular social media platforms such as Facebook. Now, in both Twitter and Facebook, we can find trending hashtags, everywhere to […]

How Pinterest Helps Your Internet Marketing Campaign

by Shafeeq tson February 13, 2013
Pinterest does have some marketing potential. You should not believe web gurus who say that Pinterest users gain more referrals than Twitter users, because such claims are made by people who cannot understand statistics. Nevertheless, if you run a good marketing campaign that utilizes Pinterest, there is no reason why you should not gain plenty […]

Facebook “Want” Button Is Good For Ecommerce?

by Shafeeq tson October 16, 2012
facebook want button A high speed internet connection allows you to do a lot of things including promoting your business. The most popular social networking site as of the moment is Facebook with its 1 billion users of various ages. It seems impossible to see people not knowing about it. Even those who are not […]

How To Make Facebook Timeline Movie

by Shafeeq tson January 31, 2012
Developed and marketed by Definition6, Timeline Movie Maker is ultimate destination for creating and sharing your Facebook Timeline Movie. With simple interface, you can create your personalized timeline movie and share the link on your Facebook account for your friends and family to view it. The Timeline Movie Maker app transforms your profile into a […]

Google New Privacy & Policy: Do You Want Cancel Your Account?

by Shafeeq tson January 26, 2012
Google’s new Privacy Policy is a stark defiance of personal information and data and requires serious concerns from its customers. By applying the Privacy Policy, Google gets a free pass to access and store information about your webpage searches and websites visited by you. Google will collect this information and combine it with other relevant […]

Google New Rules: Coming With Data Tracking Like Facebook, But Not Effect Govt Employ

by Shafeeq tson January 26, 2012
 New controversial privacy policies of Google will not applicable to clients of the Google Apps for Government enterprise email system, like the General Services Administration, according to the Google official. The declaration came after Karen Evans, the previous director of electronic government during the George W. Bush government, named Google’s new privacy policy “undesirable” and […]

How To Search Without Google “Search Plus Your World”

by Shafeeq tson January 23, 2012
Google new SEO feature Search Plus World has revel of social networks of twitter, facebook and myspace. So engineer’s of facebook, twitter and myspace created a site for revel of “Google Search Plus World”, its named as “User”. You can use like this search by installing tool of bookmarklet, then you can search a wide range, tool […]

Play The Game: Support The Anti-Dowry Campaign

by Shafeeq tson January 16, 2012
As you now, is the largest and most popular website of the world that provides matrimonial services. This matrimonial website carried out the launch of a game known as ‘Angry Brides’. This game has been developed and created in order to create awareness of the growing Dowry. With this, the company also displays its […]

Last Words: A Facebook App For Your Profile Convert To Page After Your Death Conformation

by Shafeeq tson January 14, 2012
Facebook, the most popular social networking site in the web, has unveiled a new application for one’s death conformation. This amazing app is called “If I Die”. Once, you die, this application posts your message onto your wall. However, there should be confirmation from three trustees about your death after which the app will post your […]