How To Fix Windows 10 Hangs or Heat?

How To Fix Windows 10 Hangs or Heat?

by Shafeeq tson September 21, 2015
Windows 10 is indeed an awesome OS; may be one of the best versions from Microsoft — let’s face the fact! Now, a lot of people are busy updating their systems to Windows 10, to get lots of stunning features such as one revamped Start Menu, incorporation of Cortana — the impressive Digital Assistant from […]

SD Card Recovery Tool for Mac and Windows [ Review ]

SD Card Recovery Tool for Mac and Windows [ Review ]

by Shafeeq tson May 14, 2015
You may remember those old days when SD Cards were used to store images, photos and videos and considered as a solution to get most out of your digital camera, mobile phone or some other electronic gadgets. Now, however, after the rise of several technologies that has enhanced the power and portability of SD Cards, […]

Partition Your Hard Disk Drive With Easeus Partition Manager Software

Partition Your Hard Disk Drive With Easeus Partition Manager Software

by Shafeeq tson September 20, 2014
Selecting the appropriate partition manager software tool is somehow a challenging and daunting task for you, so, you have to understand various things associated with it. You have to be careful while selecting it as it is the concern of partition management on your computer. If you are seeking for the best and effective solution […]

Free Hard Drive & Partition Manager Solution [ Review ]

by Shafeeq tson January 11, 2014
Recovering deleted or lost files have now become easier than ever with all new free hard drive & partition manager solution software popularly known as Ease us recovery software. Many a times we have faced the problem in recovering our lost data. To recover those lost files we tend to search for online tools that […]

Backup Your Windows Using Freeware AOMEI Backupper [ Review ]

by Shafeeq tson October 30, 2013
There is a plenty of reasons why we need to backup our hard drive, like to protect the data from unexpected virus attack or hardware failures. Since the data on our hard drive are that precious, we need an absolutely reliable and trustworthy software to perform the backup tasks. Here we are going to introduce […]

#1 ScreenCamera, The cool gadget that turns your desktop into a webcam [ GIVE AWAY – closed]

by Shafeeq tson November 4, 2012
screen shot PCWinSoft is giving away free licenses of ScreenCamera, the ultimate virtual camera screen recorder and webcam recorder software. ScreenCamera costs $49.95 but in this promotion you get it for free. ScreenCamera is a vital gadget everybody can benefit from: There is life before ScreenCamera and life after ScreenCamera. Why? Because before ScreenCamera all you […]

Awesome Apps You Should Have on Your Windows 8

by Shafeeq tson September 3, 2012
Windows 8 is the latest Windows upgrade of the popular and widely used PC operating system that the world is eying. Ready to set a great mark for the Windows platform, Windows OS manufacturer, Microsoft has created an operating system that can now be listed in the iOS category. With the buzz and publicity this […]

How To Fix The Executable File Association Virus In Windows?

by Shafeeq tson August 8, 2012
File associations are indeed an integral part of the functioning of computers and laptops. File associations are required for a computer to function in a normal procedure. In the absence of file associations it would become rather impossible to use and run any program or file as the operating system will not recognize any of […]

Create Virus Using Batch File Programming

by Shafeeq tson April 17, 2012
Batch file programming is the native programming offered by the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Batch file is created using any text editors like notepad. WordPacl, WinWorci or so on, which comprises of a sequence of built-in commands used to perform some often done tasks like deleting a series of files of same type or of […]

Top 10 Most Affective Antivirus Softwares Of Modern World.

by Shafeeq tson April 14, 2012
Most Affective Antivirus PC security is considered at risk without a good Anti Virus software these days. So we have conducted a review of top ten Anti Virus programs available in the market today. These anti Viruses are fully compatible with windows Vista, XP and 7 while some of them are compatible with MAC and mobile devices. 1. Bitdefender Antivirus: With continuous innovation, easy to […]