Top Tools for Publishing Student Work Online

Top Tools for Publishing Student Work Online

by Shafeeq tson October 4, 2016
Students need to have more skills these days than just putting pen to paper when it comes to writing and research. The current trend (learn more here) is to publish student work online, as a way of acquiring peer reviews, sharing ideas and simply as a convenient method of turning work in to professors or […]

Website Builder vs. WordPress – What Is Best for Your New Site ?

by Shafeeq tson May 16, 2014
Building your existence in the online world requires proper planning and well-thought-out procedures. People with no prior knowledge in coding can also build websites with lots of website building tools like WordPress, Website Builder, Wix etc. But, what can be the most efficient and effective one for you since there are too many of them […]

Top 5 SEO Plugins for WordPress Blogs: Don’t Forget to Install

by Shafeeq tson July 30, 2013
WordPress is a blogging CMS (Content Management System). It is open source which means that you may use it for free if you wish. It also means that you may alter it to suite your needs. However, there are plugins that you can install that will change the program for you. Some of these are […]

How WordPress security issues of can be resolved?

by Shafeeq tson September 26, 2012
WordPress possesses 40% ownership of blogs out of 100% blogger websites. Therefore the possession, which is equal to 20%, goes to WordPress from all around the World Wide Web. This is really a very big achievement for WordPress and thus the future developers can imagine that WordPress platform is going to evolve further with more […]